Ambient Digital is an independent digital media company providing a range of marketing and media solutions across Southeast Asia through our local offices and the wider world via our regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. We deliver the entire range of digital media products to mobile and desktop via our market leading, proprietary, programmatic technology platform.

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At Ambient Digital, we provide campaigns across PC & Mobile utilising our own in-house ad inventory as well as leveraging the best available third party platforms to provide highly effective digital media solutions. We can provide you with a complete end-to-end service including:

We are your one-stop-shop for great digital campaigns.


An experienced, centralised, biddable media team optimises targeted audience delivery via proprietary data-driven and programmatic technology.

This unique platform enables advertisers to plan dynamic, cross device campaigns, reaching millions of consumers, across billions of ad impressions in Indonesia, Myanmar, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

Additionally, our proprietary Supply Side Platform (SSP) is opening up these and many other markets both within the region and beyond to local, regional and global buyers of digital media.


Ambient Digital provides services to advertisers locally in Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar and globally from our regional team in Singapore and Hong Kong

Additionally, with over 100 connections to global demand partners, Ambient Digital also provides a global marketplace for publishers.

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