4 simple tips to make your video ads stand out

Content may be king, but videos have emerged to be supreme. For the last few years, video content has taken the digital world by storm, quickly becoming one of the fastest growing segments for advertisers. As of 2017, 83% social media users in the APAC region consumed online video content on a daily basis, far exceeding western countries.  

Given the overwhelming increase in demand for video content, companies which fail to give consumers what they may find themselves in a tight spot. However, creating video content is not the same as simply replicating your TV ads on social media. Changing consumer habits and the evolution of new media types means that the traditional way of storytelling has changed.

Here are some tips on what to do to reach and move audiences:

Keep it short

Given that most people tend to press the ‘skip’ button as soon as they get the chance, refrain from making your ad unnecessarily long. 15 seconds is the best length for short-form videos, while 30 seconds is suitable for long-form videos between 5 and 10 minutes. Millennials prefer short ads, so if you’re trying to grab their attention, it’s better to pack in all the necessary info in the first few seconds.

Make sure it’s ‘love at first sight’

Given our love for short form content it’ clear that first impressions matter. Your time window is microscopic when it comes to enticing users, so capture attention quickly . The opening scene of the ad should contain everything audiences need to know, so introduce your brand right away, display your logo prominently to drive brand awareness, and unusual cinematography to create a novel viewing experience.  Consider your target audience before crafting your headline, and include call-to-action statements both in the description and at the end of the video.

Explore the magic of interactive ads

As dynamic as they are, video ads are one-dimensional and offer little opportunity for consumer engagement. With interactive ads, people can experience the brand for themselves, thus increasing their involvement in the creative process. From playing a simple video game to gain points to exploring a new location with the help of a 360 degree map, interactive ads guarantee greater personalization and brand loyalty.


People consume content across a variety of platforms: desktop, laptop, tablet and handheld. Given the differences in screen sizes, ensure your video can be configured to fit any screen, no matter the size of the device. Since it is uneconomical to recreate the same video for so many formats, there is technology which can solve this problem. As people often watch videos during their daily commute or lunch break, make sound optional and ensure your video does not need to rely on audio to be viewed.

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